Here’s How Single People Feel When Their Friends Are Getting Married!

For people all around the world, what winter season means is Christmas, new year’s party, snow, heaters, coats, mufflers, hot chocolate, and coffees. However, for Pakistanis, winters mean loads and loads of weddings. This is the time of the year when the scent of perfume would just not fade away from us because there is always a wedding that you are attending. Even if it’s not that, there are family barbecue events that you just have to attend; and we will not be getting started on how an average graduate feels at those functions. Wedding, and dressing up formal is fun until you realize you’re the only single one left and everyone else is getting married!

You check Facebook to confirm it, and yes! Everyone in your friend’s list is getting married. We can imagine how you feel when you attend one of your friends’ wedding. In fact, we have made a list of it. Here it is:

1) Invitations Flooding!

Gone are the days when you used to get pretty invitation cards worth hundreds of rupees. That era was when your Chaachu, Phupos, Khalaas, or anyone from your family was getting married. Now you get phone calls, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages and even emails! You get loads of them and you are tired but, helpless!

2) The Facebook Craze!

Everyone is acting crazy on social media during winters, Pakistani winters that is. Pictures of a cup of coffee, gloves, and a lot of wedding shoot. Girls changing their surnames, boys changing their relationship statuses, and photography pages posting wedding shoots. Facebook becomes all glittery!

3) You Should Have Bought That Formal Suiting!

This is the time where you realize that you lack in formal suiting (for men and women). A wedding requires good clothes, and when you open up your cupboard, nothing beyond jeans, hoodies, sweater, and long coats pop up. So that is when you realize you should start collecting nice three/two piece suits, or decent clothes if you are a girl.

4) You Take A Step Towards Bae!

Seeing all the commotion happening around you, you decide to go ask your partner the question everyone has always been waiting for: will our parents accept our relationship? YES folks, here in Pakistan it is not about “will she marry me?” it is mostly about “Am I good for her parents?”!

5) Your Weekends Are Becoming Lonelier!

The more friends are getting married, the lonelier you become. Everyone is either busy preparing for their friend’s marriage, or busy going out for their own shopping. You, as a single person, are stuck between whether you should wake up or go back to sleep at 2 p.m.

6) Ultimately, You Are Absolutely Happy For Them!

You know from your heart that everyone deserves a partner in life, and they got their first. You are happy about it, and you celebrate their marriage to the fullest. You are a real friend to them!

7) But Still, Even At Weddings You Are Lonely!

When there was a time that a wedding was someone from your family, it was okay and even fun. At your friend’s wedding, you know no one apart from a few friends who got invited as well. All of you single people just sit there at the corner table and clap and smile as your friend arrives at the decorated couch placed at the center stage.

8) You Realize You Are At The Same Age As Them!

And do you know what that means? It means your parents are probably thinking about a partner for you right at this very moment! They might have even talked to their friends and relatives about a boy or girl that they liked!

You, as a single person, go through a lot of things when your friends are getting married. You might even fall in a mild depression thinking about what you have achieved so far in life just because you have come to an age where you can get married at any moment. However, there is nothing to worry about as long as you believe in the path you have chosen or plan to make your life a better one! So relax, go out and have fun at your friend’s Maayo, Mehndi, Baraat, and Walima!

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