Maid In Quetta Murders 3-Year-Old Boy By Stuffing In Washing Machine

maid murders boy washing machine

In a major development in the child-killing case, a housemaid in Quetta has confessed to having killed the child. Saad Shah, a 3-year-old boy, was found dead inside a washing machine in his house on September 12, his parents had accused their maid of the murder.

The horrific incident took place near Quetta’s Lehri Gate area. The police presented the maid before Judicial Magistrate Ihtiramul Haq on Friday in Quetta to seek an extension in the remand. This was the second time the maid was remanded in the custody of the police.

Housemaid Confesses To Murdering A 3-Year-Old Boy By Stuffing In Washing Machine
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Until Sunday, the maid did not confess to her involvement in the murder but Jinnah Town Station House Officer Chaudhry Asghar Mehmood said ‘she seemed guilty’. In addition to this, the investigation team collected all evidence of the murder and interrogated the accused.

Moreover, the accused housemaid was in police custody on physical remand. According to police, the maid named in the murder has confessed to murdering the boy by stuffing him in washing machine after more than two weeks.

Confession of the housemaid

The maid told police in her statement that on the day of the murder, she had her niece along with her. In her confession statement, the maid said “I took out clothes and jewelry from the cupboard and put them in the shopping bag.”

“I tried hard to shush the child but he did not remain silent. I had no intention to kill him. I just got angry and strangled him,” the maid added.

Additionally, the accused further revealed that they ‘threw the boy in the washing machine filled with soap water’.

Housemaid Confesses To Murdering A 3-Year-Old Boy By Stuffing In Washing Machine
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Then, they tried to run away. However, they were chased by the deceased boy’s relatives and other residents of the area. After that, the two decided to ditch the shopping bag and fled.

Thrice, police took the remand of the maid in connection with the murder of Saad Shah. Judicial Magistrate Quetta, Ihtiram ul Haq sent the accused to district jail Quetta after completion of her remand amid tight security.

“Yes, the court has sent the accused maid to district jail Quetta”, Chaudhary Asghar Mehmood confirmed.

Another accused, the niece still on the loose

Moreover, the police noted that raids were being carried out to find the maid’s niece, who was still at large. Subsequent to the child’s murder, the housemaid had fled to her hometown, Lehri on September 12, at a house near Lehri Gate on the outskirts of Quetta.

Authorities had contacted the maid through her relatives and called her to Quetta. She was taken into custody near Kolpur while coming to the provincial capital from Lehri.

The family of the deceased belongs to the Osta Muhammad area of Balochistan. While the maid hails from the Lehri area of the province. Balochistan had taken notice of the tragic incident and ordered police to make sure transparent investigation in this regard.

It is to be noted that violence against minors has increased in Balochistan. Yet, interestingly, no non-government organization or official has data with regard to the exact number of cases of violence against children in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan.

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