Hostels To Be Used For Coronavirus Quarantine Procedures, Says Saeed Ghani!

Coronavirus Quarantine pakistan

Following the first case of Coronavirus emerging in Karachi, Pakistan. Citizens are totally clueless with instilling fear, as to how the patients will be treated, if the virus outbreaks. Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani suggests the hostels within the metropolis vicinity be used for quarantine facilities.

Saeed Ghani Coronavirus

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Saeed Ghani’s Proposition!

The education minister proposed the idea of being prepared for what’s to come next. He added that Pakistan does not possess the obligatory equipment and resources to hold the virus at bay. However, if the virus outspreads, there must be isolation camps and quarantine facilities ready to treat the patients.

Ghani suggested evacuating hostels within the metropolis area. Since the hospitals within the city cannot accommodate a colossal amount of patients. He said: “The panic over the virus and the speed at which the number of cases is growing, subsequently, it is obvious that we cannot accommodate patients in all the hospitals.

Firstly, may God does not take us to such a stage. On the contrary, if need be, the provincial government will distribute masks to citizens,” Ghani added.

Fearing about the imminent deaths this virus has caused, Ghani said: “We will try our best to create awareness about the precautions [against coronavirus] among the people.

Saeed Ghani Coronavirus

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It Is Needless To Panic!

Taking necessary preventive measures, the education minister came up with the announcement, that all schools remain closed on Thursday and Friday (Feb 27-28). Similarly, Balochistan also decided to close the schools until March 15.

According to the media reports, there were two cases of Coronavirus located. Addressing the issue, assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, Dr. Zafar Mirza gave the assurance saying: “Undoubtedly, both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable.

The respectable doctor also provided the emphasis by adding: “There is no need to panic [as] things are under control. Moreover, no one should share information about the patient.

Furthermore, media reports tell that one of the patients was immediately placed in quarantine. He is with his family in a private hospital located on the National Stadium Road. Besides that, the second patient is said to be moved to the capital’s Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), in Islamabad.

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