Family Accuses Hospital Of Wrongly Declaring Brother COVID-19 Patient Before His Death

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many inhumane and heart-rending stories have made it to the public platforms. The disease is spreading at an alarming rate in the world including Pakistan.

Apparently, the deadly situation in Pakistan has also affected more than 14,000 people and the numbers are increasing. Unfortunately, among the affected ones are 253 health workers as well who contracted the disease while performing their duties. Recently, a heart-rending case has erupted from a well-reputed hospital in Peshawar where a patient was wrongly accused of having coronavirus.

Here’s the whole story

Hospital Peshawar COVID-19 Negligence

Source: Facebook

Post Translation: ”My brother’s death was made disputed by Peshawar’s Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) hospital and they even banned his last rituals. Increasing our grief, my younger cousin, who was more than a brother to me, was admitted to RMI hospital after incurring severe burn injuries. Three days before his death, Asim was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).”

Shifted in ICU, declared coronavirus positive

”After shifting him to the ICU, they suddenly told us that Asim is affected by the coronavirus and no one can meet him now. The very next day, we were told that he is no more. Upon knowing, we instantly complained to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Peshawar and told him the suspicious activities of RMI hospital. Moreover, we also didn’t trust the tests taken earlier. Samples were then taken again by the District Health Office (DHO) team.”

Hospital Peshawar COVID-19 Negligence

Source: Facebook

”However, the district officials came in action after approving RMI hospital’s initial tests. Then, all funeral preparations in our village Malakand were also taken over by the district team. We were stopped from performing Asim’s last rituals, and they didn’t even allow us to see him for the last time. No one from our village took part in the Namaz e Janaza but saw it from afar.”

The revelation of the final test

”Still, we obeyed the orders and didn’t break any rules. Today, we got the results of the sample that we had sent to Khyber Medical University (KMU). The results are clear, which means Asim had not contracted coronavirus. Now, where should we go? Who would help us? We spent around Rs.20 lacs in RMI hospital in the period of one month, and the treatment we got was humiliating.”

Well, the concerned authorities need to up their game and look into this matter. The coronavirus pandemic has definitely caused havoc across the world but such criminal institutes are becoming a much bigger nuisance.

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