Malakand Hunter Kills Precious & Beautiful Hooded Crane

Hooded Crane hunting Pakistan

Wildlife is a significant part of the planet Earth. Several organizations, local and international, are toiling to protect them from illegal hunters in Pakistan. However, for the people who take hunting as a fun time-killing, these efforts mean nothing.

Last week Parhlo reported that a man in Dera Ismail Khan had killed hundreds of sparrows amid lockdown. And, now a guy from Malakand has killed a hooded crane.

As per the post, “This was first ever sighting of this beautiful bird recorded in Pakistan which has now sadly become a record of 1st ever hooded crane to have been illegally hunted on our land.”

Hooded Crane hunting Pakistan

Source: Twitter

It’s our guy!

Reportedly, a guy named ‘Mashar Khan’ in Malakan division of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) along with his friends hunted the precious bird.

However, it is not the first time in Pakistan when some illegally hunted birds and animals. Earlier, a man in Dera Ismail Khan had killed hundreds of sparrows amid lockdown. And, this incident was also reported in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Sajid has been apprehended while a search to catch Mashar Khan is on. Moreover, he is being blatantly criticized for his brutality on social media now.

They believe as if they own wildlife

Shame on him

Yes, people are unaware of the importance of birds

Negativity possesses them

Meanwhile, the K-P forest department has failed in apprehending such culprits just like the Punjab forest department. Besides, such incidents depict the inhumane nature of such inhumane beings. So, the government must create rules and regulations to stop such incidents from happening in the future. Because only this way we can protect wildlife in Pakistan.

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