These Homeless Girls In Islamabad Get A Free Makeover And The Results Are Stunning!

How cool is it to make some people’s day? We may not realize but what we consider a routine or customary to us, holds much greater for importance for someone else. Look around you and try to find people who would rather be happier in your place. This is how the world works and it instigates compassion, empathy, and gratitude towards life. Considering all, if you make a little effort in providing some people what they duly desire or wish to have in their lives, you could make them more than just happy.

Source: Times of Pakistan

Living in Metropolis cities, we come across many homeless people who are knocked down in a different life and are compelled to make ends meet with little means they have. Just stand a minute around a road signal and watch how many unprivileged people flock around you. It’s indeed a sad prospect, yet we can still do as much to make a difference, no matter how big or small. It does require a kind of mindset to act in a certain way. The kind of mindset that is proactive in following a purpose that is beyond us and our lives. This Pakistani-American entertainer simply showed us how it’s done…

Waqas Shah, a Pakistani-American entertainer gave these homeless girls a free makeover in Islamabad

It was all a normal day when Waqas were approached by 3 girls who shared the unfortunate circumstances of their lives just to supposedly recover pennies from Waqas. What he ends up doing is amazing!

Man, seriously, what an incredible gesture. You could notice how happy the girls looked that they could not stop smiling. The gesture cost absolutely nothing to Waqas but went on to make such a big difference. I’m sure you had tears in your eyes by the time the video clip finished, it really is a tear-jerker! Kudos to the entertainer for carrying out such a brilliant act.

Source: Waqas Shah Facebook

Well, guys, this is what humanity looks like. No matter who you are, no matter where you stand, you have the sense of what kind of effort can make someone’s day. There’s no greater pleasure than seeking to make life better and happier for other people, especially the ones entitled to little means.

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