Pakistani Hitchhiker Travels Whole Country Without Spending A Single Rupee

pakistani hitchhiker travels free

Tourism in Pakistan has been on the rise ever since the incumbent govt took charge. Foreign exposure, revamping of tourist spots and a national narrative of a ‘safe Pakistan’ has done wonders for the industry.

To merge the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan with foreign influence, many travel influencers from around the world enjoyed their stay in the country. Namely, Eva Zu Beck, Rosie Gabrielle, did their job the best.

Following similar footsteps, one Pakistani from Sindh planned to showcase a side of the country that even foreign influencers couldn’t. It was hitchhiking. Meet Arsalan Jokhio. Arsalan vows that he traveled across Pakistani without spending a single rupee on transport.

Pakistani hitchhiker

Source: facebook

Arsalan’s plan was simple. Find any bus, car, truck, motorbike or other transport mediums – take a free ride with them while hitchhiking. That’s exactly what he did. The young traveler claimed that he traveled through the North, East, West and South, without spending any money on traveling.

Daily Pakistan’s Yasir Shami caught Arsalan candidly as he spoke about his travels.

I used to take any transport I could find. I traveled on bikes and in Audis, trucks, and buses. I did not prefer a particular mode of transport, anyone who would stop at my signal, I would travel with them,” said Arsalan.

I wanted to highlight the safe environment of Pakistan. How a person could travel day and night with strangers and still be safe, not harmed. I wanted to do this for my country,” he added.

When one of our favorite hosts Yasir asked Arsalan about how he managed his food supplies, Arsalan said: “I did not have to spend much on food either. The people I traveled with usually offered me free food, whenever it would be their time to eat.

Imagine, leaving home alone, traveling the whole country for free, eating free food and still return unharmed. That is the beauty of Pakistan. Additionally, Arsalan stated that hitchhiking was his passion now. The young travelers plan on visiting the whole world once the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

Arsalan’s plan includes going abroad and continuing his hitchhiking travel methodology, something that has done wonders for him in Pakistan.

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