Umer Sharif’s Daughter Died After ‘Illegal Kidney Transplant’ Went Wrong

illegal kidney transplant

The news of Hira Sharif’s demise is really heartbreaking. With more news speculating, it is now known that she died from the complications arising from a purposedly ‘illegal kidney transplant’.

The media reports tell that FIA and HOTA stormed the house of transplant surgeon Dr. Fawad Mumtaz, in Lahore, with charges of conducting an illegal kidney transplant of Hira Sharif.

illegal kidney transplant

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News Regarding The Transplant Conducted

The notorious Dr. Fawad employed under the Lahore General Hospital, was responsible for conducting these illegal kidney transplants in various private places of Punjab.

Moreover, it is known that Hira’s transplant was also conducted by the same doctor in an undisclosed location in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The team of FIA and HOTA took action when Hira’s brother, Jawad Umar filed a complaint. Jawad said in the complaint that her sister woke up amidst the illegal surgery conducted.

Due to which, there were complications that resulted in her death. On the contrary, Dr. Fawad escaped from his home when the FIA and HOTA team raided his house.

Additionally, Javed told the officials that Dr.Fawad charged the family Rs3.4 million for the organ transplant, moreover, saying that it will be legal.

With Umer Sharif on his 3 months US tour, Hira was brought to a private hospital at Raiwind Road, where she was in a life-threatening condition and, moreover, breathed her last on Monday night due to serious complications.

illegal kidney transplant

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Blaming The Corrupt Criminal Health System!

It should be noted, that Dr. Fawad along with his network, running these illegal organ transplants, was a slap on the face of health authorities. Previously, the FIA had caught a group of this mafia, who were conducting a similar transplant in secrecy.

However, the system’s negligence to completely incapacitate the mafia has led this racket to conduct these inhuman activities, until now.

It is known that the same Dr. Fawad was responsible for carrying out illegal transplants of foreigners in 2017, of whom Jordanian national Salma died from the complications. However, the FIA raided his location and arrested him.

Later, he applied for post-arrest bail, which, however, it got rejected. Following the year, he was released on bail, on which he continued working at the Lahore General Hospital, and conducting these illegal surgeries at privately disclosed locations.

However, an official case was reinstated on Dr. Fawad in August 2019, after he along with his accomplices removed a kidney from a poor carpenter Shahid Masih.

Moreover, under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code, another criminal case was lodged on him with the charges of conducting illegal kidney transplants in private places.

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