WATCH: Hira Mani Spills The Beans About Her Experience With Whitening Injections

Hira Mani Whitening Injections

Millions of people across the world want to make their skin lighter, but the treatments they use can be dangerous. In a shocking revelation, it turns out that Hira Mani is quite into whitening injections.

Hira won many hearts within a very short span of time with her amazing acting skills and humble personality. Owing to her excellent quality of work, she is currently considered one of the finest actors in Pakistan. Fans have long admired her for her ‘decency’ and for being down-to-earth.

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A recent appearance by Hira and her husband Mani on a sports show revealed that the actress had been stopped from using whitening injections by her husband.

Hira spilled the beans during an appearance on the show Jashan e Cricket where the couple was present to discuss Karachi King vs Peshawar Zalmi match.

On the show, along with other questions, the talk show host asked the couple if they had ever considered using whitening injections and that is when things got real!

Hira quipped chuckling that she had not only considered it but had also bought them and had them lying in her cupboards. However, she had refrained from using them because husband Mani had strongly discouraged her from doing so.

Have a look at the video clip:

Throughout history, the gora complex (white complex) has been a significant issue in our society. Dhoop mein mat jao, kaali ho jao gi [do not go out in sun, your skin will turn dar], thoray besan say moon dho lo tau gori ho jao gi [wash your face with gram flour, you will get whiter].

The struggle of breaking through the shackles of colorism to enter Pakistan’s fashion and entertainment industry has existed for decades. Model Amna Ilyas, who has been seen actively raising her voice against the use of fairness creams, earlier shared a unique message regarding fair complexion.

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The global outrage in the form of the #BlackLivesMatter movement sparked a debate surrounding colorism in our own backyards. Many celebrities demanded a ban on products that glorify white skin by shaming and disregarding all other skin tones.

Amna, who has worked her way up the fashion and entertainment ladder carrying nothing but her proud and brown skin with relentless talent, put ata on her face and shared a strong message to identify your skills and have faith in them instead of fair skin.

The model also called out actress Ayeza Khan for featuring in a whitening cream ad and crediting her success to the fairness cream.

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