‘I Shouldn’t Have Written It’ Hira Mani Apologies For Her Insensitive Remarks On Dua Zehra Case

Currently, the whole nation is on its toes to hear the final verdict regarding the Dua Zehra case that grabbed everyone’s attention since the day it became popular. Everyone took their part to share their views on it and celebrities also gave their cents of views as well.

Among them, Hira Mani also joined others, but her comments triggered netizens and she found herself in the boiling water of criticism. Her statement left the social media citizens in a great amount of shock as no one expected such comments from her.

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The Do Bol star stated that “she wants Dua and Zaheer to stay together forever.” Soon her story went viral on social media, it created chaos all over the social media and everyone was criticized her for being insensitive about the case.

After getting endless criticism from the netizens, Hira Mani responded with an apology video in which she also compared herself with the late Aamir Liaquat.

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The whole Dua Zehra case again came to attention on Monday, when the court sent Dua to a child protection center in Karachi till the final verdict comes out.

Hira Mani uploaded an apology video for being insensitive

The actress shared a video message on her Instagram, detailing how “wrong” she was to have supported Dua and Zaheer Abbas’s marriage, and assured that she is not in the favour of child marriages or kidnapping.

She also claimed that she didn’t know about the abduction charges, as she was on vacation in Dubai and all the information she had from vlogs and interviews. Hira wrote on her Instagram Stories, “I want Dua and Zaheer to never separate. I am sure Allah will listen to my prayer.”

Her ignorant remark sparked a furor on social media as users began calling her out for passing her opinions without doing her research.

In response to the criticism, the Meray Paas Tum Ho actor went on to blatantly defend herself. “I am not politically right but emotionally correct. That is why I am Hira Mani,” she shared.

Hira acknowledged

In her video message, she acknowledged “Two days ago, I shared a story in which I had written in favor of Dua and Zaheer. I was unaware that this was a case of kidnapping and that Dua is underage.

I was on vacation in Dubai and I had some time on my hands so I watched a couple of videos on YouTube about them, including their interviews with YouTubers, and formed an opinion, which was wrong.”

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She further added, “there is nothing wrong in apologizing,” the Yaqeen Ka Safar actor continued, “Sorry karne se koi bara chota nahi hojata. I have a lot of fans who love and support me and it is because of these fans that I’m a star. And I don’t know how to upset my fans. So, I’m sorry if you were hurt by what I said, even I am hurt by what I said.”

She also thanked her husband who told her every bit of detail of the case and whole story that changed her mind. “It wasn’t until Mani sat me down and explained to me how complex the Dua Zehra case really is, that I came to realize how terrified her parents must’ve been.

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And I’m a daughter myself, I know how upset my dad would get seeing me upset, I know how upset he would be right now.”

‘I shouldn’t have written it’ – Hira Mani

She also said that “a lot of people had been discouraging her from making an apology video but because she is a “natural person,” she wanted to speak with her audience one on one, as well as the people she personally knows and offended.”

She continued, “They told me I shouldn’t have written what I wrote because I hadn’t read up on it and they were right. You all have the right to say whatever you want to me but I will apologize. Anyone who’s in the wrong should apologize, no matter their status.

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I would also like to apologize to Dua Zehra’s parents because of the pain they must’ve felt, I have only come to understand it. It was my mistake, my lack of knowledge, my jazbaat (emotions). I’m an actor, at the end of the day, so I am very emotional,” she held.

The actress added, “But one needs to put their emotions to good use, which I mostly do.” Hira took a moment to remind her followers about all the good she’s done.

“You guys are witnesses to it, whether it’s a charity or helping someone out, you all know I’ve always been there. During Covid, I have done a lot of such social work, I am that kind of a person; emotional and sensitive. So, I made a mistake.

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Before being a celebrity, mother, daughter, or sister, I am human. And I am in the wrong so I don’t feel ashamed to apologize at all. I apologize, truly.”

Condoning child marriage

As netizens criticized her for “condoning child marriage and kidnapping,” the actor added, “I am not in the favour of child marriage and definitely not in the favour of kidnapping.

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But seeing how some people are blowing my statement out of proportion has hurt me too. I was in the wrong and I admit that. It’s a shame that after Aamir Liaquat, I have to be the one making a video to explain myself like this.

And truly I am upset for two days now. I landed back in Karachi and I did not meet anyone. Everyone in my family and friends circle advised me to talk to the public. So here I am, praying that God protects Dua Zehra and her family and every girl out there.”

Dua’s father recently moved to Supreme Court against Sindh Court when they announced the verdict to set her free without any DNA test.

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