This Hindu Man Can’t Tolerate A Word Against Pakistan And We Are Speechless

hindus in pakistan

In Pakistan, Hinduism is the second most followed religion in the country. Hindus in Pakistan are an important part of the country and can be seen in many prestigious institutions.

However, there have been few incidents where we saw at times Hindus were not treated well. But, the minorities are never been neglected in the country.  Due to their religion, some people associate them with the neighbouring country India [which is majorly Hindu populated]. Indians also believe that Hindus in Pakistan are being mistreated and they should move to their country.

Hindus are proud Pakistanis!

But, a Hindu activist gave a befitting reply to all those who think that they belong to India because of the religion they follow. Kapil Dev, who hails from Sindh, Pakistan keeps raising his voice about how they are always been stereotyped based on the religion.

He tells the world that the Pakistani Hindus are proud Pakistanis. Just because they have few conflicts with the system, doesn’t mean that they hate their home nation.

“I have so far blocked over 200 accounts of Indians for using derogatory & abusive language for my motherland Pakistan. They must understand If a Pakistani Hindu raises voice for their rights doesn’t mean they’re seeking support from India. Can’t tolerate a word against Pakistan,” he wrote.

In another tweet, he also lashes out at the media for stereotyping their religion and equating it with India. He asked to hate India not Hindus.

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Pakistan’s Hindu community has earlier rejected India’s offer to grant them citizenship under their new law which also violates their own constitution. Minorities in Pakistan are respected and treated on grounds of equality in all fronts. One great example of equality is, last year Pakistan Army recruited first Hindu Major in the Ministry Of Defence, from Tharparkar, Sindh.

Most recently, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has selected first-ever Hindu pilot Rahul Dev as the General Duty (GD) pilot in the squad.

We are proud to have such people in our country, who some way or other try to protect the country’s dignity and respect.


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