This Hindu-Muslim Couple Tied The Knot And It Did Not Include Nikkah Or Pheray

Social media is full of stories of couples following different religious sentiments have issues when it comes to the society accepting their love. They go through a lot of struggles. They have to wait for their families to agree and last, but never the least, how their love is being questioned by the society. In the midst of all these struggles, what matters the most is how the couple stays together through thick and thin and continues to battle for each other.

Similar to this is what this Hindu-Muslim couple faced and later conquered.

Meet Garima Joshi and Junaid Sheikh – The Couple Who Beat The Odds Based On Their Religious Differences

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Knowing each other for quite some time before dating, it was fate that connected them with each other. While the couple met in Dubai during their Masters’ program, it was in Pune, India when they first came across each other. Who knew Garima would fall in love with a guy who was once her senior?

Given the religious differences, facing struggles to convince the families was self-explanatory. As Junaid mentioned in his wedding video, there are two people in this world he loves the most – his mother and Garima. Safe to say, he couldn’t picture his life without either – hence, approval from the families was a necessity.

Another issue which many couples who come from different religious backgrounds face is the way of doing their wedding. While Muslims follow the religious practice of nikkah, Hindus go with the religious tradition of pheray. Garima and Junaid however, decided to do away these practices and celebrate the union by dancing the night off.

“We’re not doing a nikah, we’re not doing pheras. We are just having a celebration. It’s a celebration of two cultures and two families.” – said Junaid in the wedding video.

The couple first started the celebration of their union with their friends sharing anecdotes and wishes, followed by cake cutting ceremony.

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With the celebration spirits high alongside love in the air, the couple, along with their loved ones danced the night away.

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This wedding video of Garima and Junaid is the perfect description of how uncomplicated the union was when it finally happened:

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While many may have objections with the way they labeled their union, Garima and Junaid celebrated their love and enjoyed the union. The couple knew how their relationship may have a full-stop at one point or the other, but they stayed together and fought for each other, with each other. What do you think about this unorthodox bond?

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