A Hindu Man in Pakistan Was Ridiculed in Broad Daylight and you cannot imagine what Happened Next

In Pakistan, the rights of minorities are most of the times, ignored in the practice of law in Pakistan. This time we’re talking about the Hindu minority that is living in Pakistan. The minorities are treated with hate and are shown disrespect in the worst way possible. The discrimination can certainly lead to unacceptance in our society. It is safe to say that things are finally changing! Lately, despite all the hate between the religious differences, some Pakistani Muslims are showing their efforts to bring an end to these differences.

A video surfaced the internet which showed a man brutally disrespecting a Hindu citizen. The shopkeeper was seen pushing the Hindu individual. As many people gathered around to see what was going on and tried to stop the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper was heard asking the Hindu guy to go back to his country.

Now, here’s what many people fail to understand is that just because they’re Hindu, it does NOT mean that they belong to India (it is actually funny). This has ALWAYS sparked a debate among many! However, that is a misconception. Ask yourself, how can a Hindu, born in Pakistan, be an Indian whose parents are Pakistani as well?

Thankfully, the video we’re talking about was just a social experiment to raise awareness.

Here’s the social experiment video!

Watch it till the end to see the real face of Pakistan.

Posted by Karachi Walay on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It was indeed a great way to raise awareness and let others know the way, we all, as ‘Pakistanis’, should treat our minorities be it any religion. At the end of the day, we’re humans and are citizens of the same country. Let’s treat them with respect, give them their space and let them breathe once and for all.

The efforts shown by some Pakistanis who are determined to change these religious difference is truly inspiring and we should practice it more often. Let’s stay united and make this country free of these discrimination acts.

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