Tragic! Hindu Girl Who Became ‘Ayesha’ To Marry A Muslim Man Sets Herself On Fire

Hindu girl Ayesha marry Muslim fire

The celebrated poet Shakespears in his book Hamlet once stated, “Frailty, thy name is women.” Although the women are quite empowered in the western world, yet today the statement is pretty applicable in the Eastern world. Recently, a Hindu girl turned Muslim named Ayesha in India to marry a Muslim man who tried to commit suicide by setting her on fire owing to the domestic violence from the in-laws.

Reportedly, the Hindu girl converted from Hinduism to Islam and changed her name from Anjana Tiwari to Ayesha to marry a Muslim, who became a victim of sheer domestic violence and sets herself on fire.

She got married to a Muslim guy named Asif after getting divorced from her ex-husband Akhilesh Tiwari.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

However, later on, Asif went to Saudi Arabia for work. Consequently, his wife, Ayesha was all alone at home under the reliance of her in-laws.

As per reports, the in-laws of Ayesha caused her distress and harassed the ill-fated woman.

Furthermore, as per Ayesha, she tried to lodge complaints in the local police station but could not get justice. Thus, the lady came in front of Lucknow Assembly and self-immolated herself.

Reportedly, Ayesha wanted to meet the Indian chief minister (CM). However, the policemen standing outside saved the lady and shifted her to the hospital. Domestic violence against women is soaring day by day and it is worrisome for all of us.

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