Hina Munawar - Swat’s First Ever Female FC Officer!

Hina Munawar – Swat’s First-Ever Female FC Officer!

Hina Munawar Swats First Female FC officer

Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies have been on the bumpy roads past few years. Especially in Swat when 12 years ago Taliban militants claimed a strong hold in the scenic region. Police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) officers had to go through a rough time to break that hold and push them out.

Many lost their lives in the line of duty and were held captive by the militants. But hails to the tireless efforts of the security officials, the peace was restored. However, some of these officials came under the pressure of the militants and quit their jobs. They also took the decision of never coming to the field against Taliban militants again.

This did create a temporary gap of personnel in the law enforcement of the region. But was later filled with fresh and young minds who would take the mission forward with more persistence.

Now in the new fresh air of law enforcement of Swat, a female FC officer was welcomed. Actually, the first female FC officer in this region’s office. This is what makes her position distinct in the FC (DOFC) in Swat.

She loves what she does and not just the job but everything that comes with it. Even the uniform.

“I love this uniform. I always have,” says Hina Munawar.

Persistence And Support From The Family

She was tenacious towards the field once she started walking towards it. Her dream was to become a police officer and she never took a step back from it. So as soon as she cleared the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam she knew where to go from there.

“I never looked back once I started on this path. I focused on my dream to become a police officer all the time, and thanks to my family’s unconditional support, I finally made it.”

Of course, the biggest supporting factor throughout this path is the family’s belief in your dream. Hina, being a mother of a three-year-old daughter needed that the most and as per her, she had it.

Hina, herself, is from Faislabad and was initially posted in Punjab. But later due to the requirements of her job, she was posted in Swat.

“But since it is mandatory for PSP officers to serve a year as part of the FC, I was recently posted as the commanding officer of the constabulary in Swat district.”

Hina Munawar takes pride in this opportunity of leading a force that has served the country with its life.

“It is an honor and a privilege leading a force that offered countless sacrifices to safeguard the motherland in the war against terror.”

Impressed By The Local Cultures

Moreover, she mentions that there is quite a variety of cultures in the force. It intrigues her because she gets to have a peep in the customs of different tribes.

“The FC is a force where you can find people from one tribe in the same platoon. It gives you an insight into each tribe’s culture and customs.”

Working as an officer in Swat has developed a sense of respect for local traditions and culture in her. As Hina Munawar is personally experiencing cultures like Pashtoon who she found to be very hospitable having acceptance for other’s way to life. This is something that was new to her coming from Punjab.

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She also added that there was a lot of requirement for female police officers in the force. And being posted in Swat never feared her since this is the force that has made big sacrifices to bring the region at peace. So, it was an honor for her. There is no place of zero-threat, but what matters is the kind of assistance you have by your side.

“There is always a danger but life and death run parallel and I am not afraid of sacrificing my life.”

Her message to all the girls was to never give up on dreams no matter how hard they seem to achieve. You’ll find your way to it if you “stay focused, concentrate on your objectives.”

This piece of advice is not just for girls but for boys too wherever they are. Persistence takes you forward so never give up.

…your dreams will come true one day. Success will be yours,” says Hina.

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