Irony Dies A Thousand Deaths As Hina Butt Protests Against Inflation Clad In Chanel

hina butt

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) leader Hina Pervaiz Butt makes it to the headlines every now and then. But this time, the politician attracted backlash for protesting outside parliament against rising inflation clad in luxury fashion goods.  

Butt took to Twitter to post a picture of herself wearing pearls, Manolo Blahnik heels, and carrying a Chanel quilted bag. She held up an earthenware pot, carrot, and wooden spoon to protest the rising cost of food. “Outside the Punjab Assembly protesting against rising costs,” read the tweet. 

The politician garnered massive criticism for her choice to don luxury goods when people barely have enough money for food. Interestingly, a user pointed out the exact costs of the politician’s accessories, while also pointing out the minimum wage in Pakistan.

‘Have some fear of God’

“$5995 + $995 = $6990, $1 = Rs174.88, $6990 = Rs1222367.25. Minimum monthly wage in Pakistan = Rs25000. Your heels and bag cost as much as the monthly income of 48 to 49 individuals. Have some fear of God before sending out such tweets,” posted the user.

Commenting on how the protest feels like a mockery given the inappropriate attire, another user gave her two cents. “If I’m not mistaken, your gorgeous bag is Chanel Medium Flap, $6,800. Manolo Blahnik, Hangisi pumps I presume, are worth $1,525. I don’t know much about pearls. The perfect accessories to protest inflation, only in Pakistan. Leaders in other countries stick to retail in a protest.” 

The tone-deafness of Butt was hard to go unnoticed. Pointing out how ignorant practices are common amongst the well-off, one user gave an example of Maulana Tariq Jamil. “Protesting against inflation in branded clothes? Lol, this is just like MTJ asking people to follow ‘simplicity’ while traveling in Lexus SUV. Please, set your priorities right. This isn’t how it’s done.”

‘Irony just died a very violent death’

Well, it truly is ironic. Butt often grabs the public’s attention with her witless antics.

Truly intelligent people seem curious about the world around them and are always happy to learn new things. A good conversation, even with someone objectively smarter than them, leaves them feeling both inspired and worthwhile as human beings. But not so with pretentious intellectuals. They are not looking for engagement; they are looking for an audience. Perhaps Butt, who previously argued that BBC Urdu is more credible than BBC News, is one of them.

Prior to that, Butt surprised us with yet another idiotic comment while talking to a local TV channel when she said no Pakistani actress could play Maryam Nawaz in her biopic since she is taller and fairer than all of them.

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