Hina Altaf Shared A Message For Her Dad On Father’s Day And It Seems Things Are Improving At Home For Her!

Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf posted a happy father’s day on her Instagram and nosy people couldn’t leave her alone, they want all the details.


We all have heard the sad life struggles of Hina Altaf on the famous YouTube show “Rewind with Sameena”. She told Sameena Peerzada about the hardships she faced when she started her career.

Her mother suffered from a psychological condition and wasn’t stable. On top of that, she hated Hina’s career choice of being an actress.


As a result, Hina Altaf suffered brutal beatings by her mother every time she came back from a shoot. The beatings used to be so harsh they left marks on her body and face. The makeup artist would ask about the bruises and she couldn’t tell.

Eventually, she had to move out of her parents’ house. That pretty much tells she did not share a good relationship with her father as well. Because nobody from her family intervened the ordeal she faced.

Time the natural healer slowly treats all the wounds and as we grow, we learn to let go of the grudges and hate. Same happened with the young celebrity her relationship with her parents is growing stronger by the day. But she chooses to not be vocal about it on social media and we totally respect that.

But not everybody has the same respect for someone’s privacy, just like some of her fans. They want to know more maybe some pictures too,


What can be more interesting than juicy celebrity gossip, well, a polite shut up call from a celebrity? At least for other fans.

Today is fathers day, Hina Altaf wished her father a very happy father’s day and mentioned their relationship is getting strong. And that she lovingly calls him daddy.

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