Hilarious Tweets On Ramazan That Show How Excited People Get For The Holy Month!

Ramazan has begun and there’s nothing better than spending some time on social media, chalking out the lighter things, the brighter things and the funniest, wittiest tweets left on the month by Muslims from around the world.

When you start knowing facts the way you should be knowing them all year..


Need a sutta partner in ramzan nights

Ramazan when your mufta friends need an opportunity to come eat at yours

Shaytaan knows what he does, he leaves disciples behind..

 MashaAllah, such a genuine relationship between the Muslim brother and sister

And in your heart you’re just thinking, “tere baap ka kya jaata hai bhai jaan?”


Well, there’s always room for improvisation you know…

So typical… that it’s almost stereotypical..

Yes, Muslim Avengers are on their way to have Iftaar at Thanos’ place

It’s a complete 360 turn that most of us take with pride


You know you have to gulp it because there’s less time and more room

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