Here Are The Most Hilarious Tweets From the 2018 Elections That Will Crack You Up

The election for this year finally come to an end. The big decisions are out – the public has chosen their new prime minister and the ball is now in the court of Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf. While this election the voter turnout was not as massive as it was in 2013, Pakistanis who voted were glued to their TV screens to witness the much-needed revolution.

During the time the results were coming out, Pakistanis and their top-notch humor made everyone less nervous. While this election marks as a revolutionary change (InshaAllah) this country needed, have a quick throwback to the most amazing tweets made by Pakistanis.

Here Are Some Hilarious Tweets from The 2018 Elections

Someone Spotted Naseerudin Shah

Remember the Punjabi Singer Imran Khan?


When Imran Khan Said that the Indian Media Portrayed him As a Bollywood Villain


When Indian Actor Rishi Kapoor Talked About Imran Khan and What He Had to Say About India

When then Results Were Delayed Due to ECP


Throwback to PMLN and their Rigging Claims

And Remembering Maryam Nawaz

So this election was filled with memes and jokes, but most importantly, it gave revolutionary results…the results Pakistanis chose.

Kudos to every Pakistani who played their role in making this happen. Good luck to Imran Khan and PTI for this upcoming 5-year-tenure.

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