Hijabi Muslim Student Becomes America’s Fashion Icon

A Muslim, hijab wearing girl of Palestinian origin has been voted the best dressed student at Clifton High School in New Jersey.



“There are always cheerleaders who win and popular girls, so I was very surprised it was me, being a hijabi,” Shahin said. “It was a dream come true,” she added. Shahin blends traditional style with modern clothes perfectly well, wearing long sleeves and pants with trendy teenage clothes from stores like Forever 21.

In the last few years, a growing community of hijab fashion bloggers has changed the idea of what it means to be a modern Muslim woman.


Hijabi blogger ‘Dina Tokio’  is a typical fashion blogger. The 25-year-old’s Days of Dolls site is full of pictures of her trying out new trends against an urban backdrop. She is part of a wave of “hijabi bloggers”, Muslim women giving voice to their love of fashion while wearing their hijabs. In all pictures on her site, Torkia is wearing a headscarf, and her clothes – however fabulous they may be – conform to Muslim standards of modesty.




“I think of dressing smartly as a way to represent myself and my religion,” she says. “I don’t understand why you can’t be interested in fashion and be a Muslim.”

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