Hijab Muslim Girl Harassed By Young Muslim Boys In Aurangabad, India

hijab muslim girl harassed

Another shocking incident took place in Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, where a group of Muslim boys harassed a hijab Muslim girl for talking with a Hindu boy.

The young men followed her and pulled her hijab for talking to a non-muslim boy. They attacked her without caring about people and even took her phone.

A video went viral all over social media and it was accessed by the Times Now. The video grabbed everyone’s attention, no one came to rescue the girl and stood there.

Hijab Girl Harassed By Young Muslim Boys

The young Muslim boys stopped her and asked why she was walking and talking with a boy from another community.

They even snatched her phone, others tried to pull off her bag and head scarf. ‘Why are you hanging out with some other guy? The girl begged them to leave her hand, the incident lasted for a long time and no one stepped forward to save the girl.

The incident happened in the Begumpura area. The girl declined to file a case against those men, but the Police took note of the incident and registered the case.

“The three accused, in this case, have been detained by the police on charges of criminal intimidation, stalking, causing bodily harm, and insulting a woman,” informed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Deepak Girhe.

“This incident is of Monday, 24 April. The victim hails from a town in Ahmednagar and is staying in Sambhaji Nagar to prepare for a competition.

Police team reached the spot soon after the girl was molested, she was rescued by a family and taken to their home.

Then the police team brought her to the station,” Begumpura Police Inspector Shivaji Taware told the media. “After taking some information, she was dropped off at her house after some time,” he added.

Last year, in Karnataka Hijabi girl faced the Indian mob screaming out of their lungs, Jai Shri Ram, instead of avoiding them, Muskan responded brilliantly by saying “Allahu Akbar”.

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