Countries Where Hijab Was Banned Now Want People To Wear It

Hijab In west

The lethal virus of COVID-19 is not only wreaking havoc across the world but is also now changing people’s attitudes towards certain ethnic and religious groups including Islam. A lot has changed after the world went into lockdown. China is helping the United States and Pakistan and Indian are also coming closer, well, at least on social media.

Some countries in the west including France that once were against hijab or face-covering and even tried to ban it have now suddenly up for it.

As per the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), masks and covering of nose and mouth are necessary to prevent the virus spread. After the word was public, people started buying face masks, which ultimately became short in the markets for some time. Thereafter, people on social media and world intellectuals including US President Donald Trump started asking people to use headscarves or hijab.

Hijab in west

Source: Twitter

Hear, hear what Trump is saying

Paris Fashion Week shoed models with different masks

Model Romydfonseca also covering her face

Totallytala on her Instagram promoting face mask

On the contrary, since the west has finally turned towards covering the face, another debate has started on social media.

Muslims across the world are recalling the time when the west was absolutely against face-covering of the Muslim women. And, now when coronavirus pandemic is forcing them to wear masks, it has no issue with it at all.
Furthermore, many people are also terming the virus as a lesson from the Almighty as he wants to show the world that only he has the real power.

Here are certain reactions of the Muslims for you to read.

Yes, they banned but now…

This is what famous analyst Wardah Khalid has to say

And then coronavirus came…

COVID-19 making people realize

Is it a punishment from God?

It is interesting to know how a small pathogen of coronavirus has altered the way of life and even people’s attitudes towards face-covering. Certainly, it is Allah who has complete knowledge and control over everything.

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