Nastily Hilarious, People Are Predicting Failed Attempts To Hide From Their Serial Killers!

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to hide from someone? Or perhaps someone was hiding from you? Well, a twitter trend is spreading like wildfire and it is contagious. People have found an extreme to this example and nothing is stopping them from tweeting about it. Let us show you how everyone is predicting theirs or other’s failed attempt at hiding but, beware as it may catch up to you as well.

The trend is basically about hiding from a serial killer. People are writing a short script about what happens when they or someone else hides from a serial killer. The killer says something that triggers the victim, and the victim burst out with a reply. Instantly sending the victim to their own doom. As brutal as it sounds, a number of humor people are coming up with this trend is amazing.

Some of the tweets that we have come across are below:

Hate These Types of Teachers! Ugh!

This is Not Funny, Okay?

We All Have Felt This Pain *Sigh*

We Could Not Have Predicted This, Ever!

Relatable, Definitely Relatable

Olay Olay Olay, Olay Olay Olay!

You Deserve This, Grammar Nazis!

Qalandars, Next Year Is Our Year!

“Jeet Ke Liye Jazzzzba Chahiyeeh”…

“Thenks Guyzz” – Nasir Khan Jan

Honorable Mentions Are As Follows:

As you can see, a lot of people are following this trend and it is getting hilarious as it progresses. Finally, there is something to talk about the recent Imran Khan debacle, something to move on to. Let us see, what you come up with by tweeting about this trend. There is still so much that you can think of. Let your imagination run wild!

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