Hiba Bukhari Opens Up About Her Fiancé – Is The Lucky Guy Arez Ahmed?

Hiba Bukhari Fiancé

It is no secret that Pakistani actor Hiba Bukhari has won millions of hearts with her work in the drama industry in a short span of time. But who has won her heart? Fans are curious about the fiance of Hiba Bukhari.

Bukhari, whose commendable performance in the drama serial Deewangi also bagged her a nomination for Lux Style Awards 2021 in the best actress category, lately did a Q&A session on her Instagram.

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The Thori Si Wafa actor had a ton of questions asking about her relationship status. As soon as Bukhari claimed that she is “committed”, fans began speculating about the mystery man.

“I am seriously in love with you, will you accept my proposal?” a fan wrote to Bukhari. To this, the actor responded, “I am committed” along with a ring emoticon, hinting that she is engaged.

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This prompted her fans and followers to ask more about the lucky man. Many were curious if the supposed fiancé belongs to the entertainment industry. In fact, fans also asked whether she is engaged to her co-star Arez Ahmed.

“Please tell your fiancé’s name or show his picture… or tell if we all know him,” requested a fan. Bukhari replied that fans already know him.

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When asked as to when she will disclose his identity, the Haara Dil actor said only once she gets married.

Curious followers were, however, left scratching their heads when Bukhari did not give a clear to whether the mystery man in from the drama industry. “I don’t know,” said the actor as she left the fans wondering.

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“Please tell the truth, are you engaged?” asked a user. Well, looks like the actor is adamant about giving vague answers.

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Tell us already!

While fans seem eager to know about the fiancé, Hiba Bukhari is not ready to disclose any more details as yet. Meanwhile, she disclosed that he is 6 ft tall.

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The curiosity peaked when someone asked if she is marrying her co-star Arez Ahmed, and she went speechless.

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Well, the Deewangi actor certainly appears to be enjoying the piquing curiosity among fans. Although she has not yet disclosed who the lucky man is, many are speculating it to be the Mohabbat Daagh ki Surat actor Arez Ahmed.

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The two worked together in the drama serial Tarap and Bholi Bano. Even though she did not confirm that it is him, they do seem like a cute couple, don’t they?

Bukhari is mostly seen playing an innocent girl in distress, but lately, the actor has taken up a challenging and different role alongside Junaid Khan in the latest drama serial Breukhi.

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