Hiba Bukhari Calls Out Online News Portal For False Rumors

Actor Hiba Bukhari calls out the local news portal for spreading false news related to her statement. Hiba Bukhari is one of the finest actresses in our industry, the false news platform shared rumors about her marriage which triggered her badly.

Hiba Bukhari Calls Out Online News Portal For False Rumours
Source: Express Tribune

What happened? The actor joked about how her husband makes her do house chores while speaking to her father.

She didn’t even know that her joke statement could be taken in a different context and one of the news portals uses it as clickbait news about domestic violence.

She took the matter to her Instagram portal where she shared everything.

Hiba Bukhari Calls Out False Rumors

Hiba shared a clip of the same video on her Instagram Story and cleared all rumors about violence and abuse in her marriage. “This is yellow journalism! Stop spreading lies. It is shameful!”

Hiba Bukhari Calls Out Online News Portal For False Rumours
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To clear the context, in an interview, she recalled a time when she missed a few of her father’s calls and saw him worried on the other end. “This one time, I was busy during the day and my dad had called a few times.

I called him back, and he asked about where I have been. Arez was sitting right in front of me and I told my dad that ‘Arez makes me do a lot of work. He makes me wash clothes, walls, and dishes. I never get time to call you’ and Arez got very serious about it,” she said laughing.

Hiba Bukhari Calls Out Online News Portal For False Rumours
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“He was like ‘No, don’t say that. What will he think?’ and Arez had his ear near the phone so he could hear what my dad is saying.

He got very panicky too. My dad said, ‘Okay beta, this is your house now. It’s okay’ and we just laughed that it backfired for me.

But then Arez told me to tell my dad how it was a joke so he isn’t worried about his daughter,” she said adding that her father understood that she was joking.

It Has To Be Mutual, Hiba Bukhari

“That’s the support I am talking about. It has to be mutual. My mother-in-law is extremely sweet too. So, there’s support for me everywhere,” she concluded, smiling.

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The whole conversation between Bukhari and her father-in-law was full of jokes. However, it was taken out of context and created a bizarre drama out of it.

Hiba Bukhari married Ahmed Arez last year and their wedding pictures sparked the internet with joyous.

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