Hero Saves Little Girl From Predator Abusing Her On A Motorbike In Punjab

girl predator abusing motorbike

In an episode of ultimate heroic, a man from Rajankot, Punjab, proved – not all heroes drive Bat mobiles, some chase the predator bad guys on a motorbike to save abusing of a girl.

Recorded through a mobile camera, an incident of absolute predatory behaviour was captured on the Rajankot Bypass.

A predator man in his mid-thirties was riding on a motorbike with a little girl, not older than 10 years, abusing her. The man had placed the girl in front of him and was riding casually.

predator girl abuse

Everything was going according to his plan, until this hero stepped in the scene. With his friend recording, the man intercepted the predator on camera.

As soon as he got off his bike, he went and confronted the predator. As per the person who had stopped the predator (in question), the little girl was being molested and fondled while she was on the bike.

The predator had given her his cell phone to play with, while he touched her inappropriately. When our hero saw this, he followed the man to make sure. Once he was clear that this was an act of indecency, he turned his hero mode on.

This man was caught red handed while abusing and harassing a girl on motor bike at Rajanpur. آج ایک اور زینب ایک درندے…

Gepostet von Zeeshan Gujjar am Sonntag, 30. August 2020

The best part? As soon as this abuser got off his bike, our hero slapped the living daylights out of him. One after the other, the predator was shell shocked at being caught.

Soon, more locals gathered on the scene and our hero explained the whole ordeal to them. The police was then called, along with the family.

The predator stated that the girl was his niece – which means, he was abusing his own kin, his own niece. The little girl got so scared, she started crying.

However, she didn’t know, that her life and future, had been saved by this hero who remains unnamed. Those slaps, that sound, nobody can forget.

Our society needs more people like our hero. If others had sought sense and apprehended the scenario, maybe little angel Zainab Ansari would have been alive today.

Countless scandals of child abuse in Kasur continue to cloud Punjab. But with heroes such as Mr.X in sight, maybe, the future for our children is safe. Even with predators lurking in the comfort of our own homes.

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