Here's Your Ultimate 4-Step Guide To A Stress-Free Life|

Here’s Your Ultimate 4-Step Guide To A Stress-Free Life!

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We are living in a time where every other person you know is depressed or struggling through something in their lives. Some are dealing with stress for their exams and some are in low spirits because they broke up with their so-called significant other. This quote would suffice to sum up this situation, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”.

In our daily busy routines which are also filled with doses of social media surfing: we see models’ photoshopped figures and other people’s edited life through Instagram or Facebook. We naturally, then compare ourselves with them and feel unsatisfied with our own lives.

Here are the 4 steps you could add to your to-do to a better life.



The term self-love actually means regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Often we indulge ourselves too much into studies/work that we forget all about taking care of ourselves. So my advice is to go and avail that mani-pedi deal in the parlor, buy that expensive dress you think is too formal to wear at the work.



When you’re focused on what you ought to be doing you’re satisfied within. Its when you do your work on time you really get to enjoy your free time then. The first thing you do when you free get that assignment/project done.


Source: Giphy

What you prioritize is a significant act you do. No matter what, make yourself the number one priority. Never ever let anyone use you or let someone treat you badly.


Source: Tenor

Somewhat similar to the self-love, it’s your own duty to put up with this one. When you put your happiness into external things like people and their reaction, you always take things personally and it ruins your entire day sometimes.

All in all, its for you to decide whether you want to make yourself happy or not, the decision is purely yours. Power to ya!

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