Here’s Why You Must Stop Cheating In Examinations And You’ll Be Surprised

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The title of this article occurred to me when I saw the mark sheet of my HSC Part 1 Examination. I had obtained 74 marks in Urdu while only 52 in English. I could not understand why because my English has always been better than my Urdu. Furthermore, my handwriting in English format is way better than Urdu. So why is that I could not get marked in English yet more importantly how could I obtain such good marks in Urdu? The answer is because I did not cheat at Urdu.

I had completed my SSC exams quite honestly. I had studied every subject and did not know a single thing about cheating at exams. Then came my HSC exams. My first paper was of Urdu. Naturally, I was nervous and worried about how it would go. So I studied the whole book thoroughly and arrived at the examination room fully prepared. But when the paper arrived, I was shocked! Every single student in the room had handbooks or xerox copies in their pockets or stuffed under their pants.

Source: Dunya News

Everyone was cheating except me. I came home that day exhausted. I could not believe that I had studied so hard and they were getting away with cheating. So I decided to cheat as well. Next was the paper in English. I went into the room with my arsenal. As soon as the paper arrived, I was already holding the book in my hand. I started copying blindly and furiously! But you know what? When I studied the question paper at home, I realized that I knew all the answers.

Source: Dunya News

I did not have to cheat because I could have done better with my own skills. Unfortunately, I was so flowing with the waves that I did not even bother to read the question paper for once. Still, it did not have a profound effect on me. I was so into cheating that despite this foolishness, I cheated on the rest of the papers. Until I looked at the mark sheet. At that moment I realized what a fool I had been. I could have done better with a little effort.

Since then, I have not cheated a bit and guess what? My grades have been better. Now, I am at a University. Believe me, some students cheat even at this stage. Cheating has become so popular and common that now many of us do not even feel shame in it. It has achieved so much fame that now the studies seem difficult. The syllabus is not that difficult but when we see shortcuts like cheating, it becomes difficult in contrast.

The point is that whatever the crowd is doing never makes it right. If you are doing something the harder way it means that you are doing it the right way. Believe me, there are no shortcuts in life. These shortcuts might shorten your paths but they will eventually lead you to blind alleys. Cheating can never make your grades better.

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