Here’s Why We Should Celebrate Teacher’s Day

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We all very well understand the significance of teachers in our lives they are such a great blessing for us. They have played a vital role in our academic as well as in personal lifespan. To celebrate the greatness of teachers and to say a thank you to them the world teacher’s day is celebrated as a symbol of gratitude and to remember every bit of teacher’s support in our life.

United Nations declared 5th October as World Teacher’s Day. In 1994, UNESCO inaugurated this day in order to pay attention and focus on the effort, contributions of the teachers even to highlight their issues at this particular day. In Pakistan, few private educational institutes celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm but not on a large scale as this day should have its own prominence as other national days are.

Source: Samaa TV

The government should show some interest in the celebration of this day as the part of instructors in the lives of children cannot be described because it is only the teacher that enlighten the “Humanity in human”, as it is not a cup of tea a teacher has to put a lot of struggle for it.


Teaching is a very noble profession and lecturers should be appreciated for their hard work on a higher level but in reality, there is no such appreciation platform available for teachers in Pakistan even most of the time it has been observed that no one remembers this day.

It is a thankless profession, as there is no security offered to the teachers even in urban and rural areas although most of the time some students are admitted without merit and the teachers are pushed to pass them in exams, being a teacher is not an easy job a heavy responsibility lays on their shoulders as they shape the character and caliber of their students. A teacher is as like a candle that burned itself to provide shine to their students.

Let’s individually play our part and celebrate and make some play cards poems on teacher’s day and be grateful to teachers’   who have devoted their entire life in making our future sunny and honey.

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