Here’s Why The Afridi-Miandad Situation STILL Hasn’t Ended

They say that cameras make people a little conscious. That, and the fact that only the most filtered stuff comes out of your mouth. When you’re in front of a camera your message is aired to million of people around the country, you automatically become conscious. However, the only time you say things that are not filtered through any rationality is when you are angry.

Privately, when two people fight and say mean things to each other, they can “take their words back”. But publicly, it becomes a little tricky. Not to forget when your entire reputation gets on stake.

Recently we saw Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi; two of the most iconic cricketers of Pakistan, have at each other with shocking allegations.

Shahid Afridi claimed that Javed Miandad always cares about the money, in response to which, Javed Miandad made serious claims against Afridi regarding match-fixing.

We then saw them “forgiving” each other on camera and hugging it out. Hoping the public would forgive them. And the public did. But many can still see through this facade.

Mr. Javed Miandad, in your response to Afridi’s irresponsible statement, you made a serious allegation against him. You told the entire world that he is involved in match-fixing and that’s where it stops being a personal matter between the two of you and becomes a matter of national interest.

Your accusation is something that should be investigated and, if found truthful, should be concluded with appropriate punishment not just for the accused but for yourself as well to have kept quiet about it. But if your accusations are investigated and concluded to be false, you should be arrested for misguiding the public and lying on an international platform!

You two might have forgiven each other, but it doesn’t absolve you from the possible crime that has been committed against the people of Pakistan. You two might have forgiven yourself for the mean words you hurled at each other but Pakistanis will never forgive you.

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