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Here’s Why One Should Refrain From Mocking The One Who Chooses To Mourn In Muharram

mourning of muharram

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As Muharram arrives, social media is flooded with “Happy New Islamic Year”, Muslims are commemorating the start of the Islamic New Year. Everyone knows about the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain, his family, his companions in the desert at 65 degrees Celcius temperature suffering from thirst and hunger for three days. .

Karbala is the tragedy that has never been happened not only in the history of Muslims but in the history of humanity. Imam Hussain does not only belong to the “Shia sect” but He is the Imam of all humanity as our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has sent as a Mercy for the world not only for the Muslims. So, the people who consider that mourning of Imam Hussain and on the sacrifices of his companions is only for Shias, then they are wrong. Please spread some awareness about the ‘Message of Imam Hussain’.


Grieving for Imam Hussain doesn’t make you Shia, and the people who are remembering him, please DO NOT JUDGE THEM. Every person is responsible for their own deeds. They have to face everything in their grave and have to answer Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgement.

If you aren’t mourning over the catastrophe, then let the people who are remembering the great tragedy of the history. It isn’t anti-Islamic. Remembering the family of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) isn’t any sin. Show some concern and patience for each other. Spread harmony and support for the Muslim brothers. Because our religion teaches us this.

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