My Dad Is a National Hero and Here’s Why My Eid Is Different than Yours

Eid is an occasion full of joy and happiness. After spending the holy month of Ramadan fasting, God has given us these three days to celebrate and appreciate all the blessings we have in life by spending that time with loved ones.

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Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have our loved ones present with us on Eid. My dad is a doctor and he hasn’t been at home for Eid since as long as I can remember.  Not many people understand what I go through on Eid, which is why I was rather surprised when a TVC by Wall’s resonated so well with my life that it explained the mixture of emotions inside me better than I ever could myself.

When I was young, I used to see my dad only once or twice before going to bed. He would drop me and my sister to school in the mornings but it often happened that my mom would drop us off instead, saying that my dad was busy at work. It was only later I realized that he was a trauma surgeon and spent most of his time at the hospital.

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A trauma surgeon deals with traumatic injuries. These are injuries where time is of the essence and a second’s difference can mean life or death. My dad sacrificed his life at home so that he could save someone else’s.


On Eid, I remember praying the Eid namaz with everyone and going home to sit with my mom and sister because my dad wasn’t at home. I know now that it was only because my dad volunteered to work in the Emergency Rooms (ER) every Eid because the hospital was short-staffed.

I asked him about it once. Why he chose to be away from his own family on Eid. He paused for a second and gave me a simple reply. He said that when he had become a doctor, he took an oath to protect and preserve life.

Do I wish my dad was home for Eid? To be honest, I do. I miss him a lot and our family isn’t complete without him. But whenever I feel sad, I remember that there are other kids out there whose parents are doctors or in the army/police, etc. whose parents aren’t home for Eid either. These people are giving up Eid with their families to serve the people of this country. So our Eid might be different from yours but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. Our parents are national heroes and every Eid they spend away from home is another Eid someone else gets to spend with their family.

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