Here's Why India Shouldn't Even Think of Waging War Against Pakistan

Here’s Why India Shouldn’t Even Think of Waging War Against Pakistan

Ever since the British left and subcontinent was divided, the larger portion of the East has always wanted to show its supremacy against the smaller, yet resilient portion. That smaller and resilient portion is known as Pakistan, the land of brave, courageous and cultured people, who are always ready for war.

The recent Urri attack in India, which killed 18 soldiers of the Indian Army, has once against made India raise fingers on its silent neighbors. Whenever India has faced a terrorist attack, or even found a stray pigeon, they’ve seemed to blame Pakistan without any proof or backing.



Here’s what India needs to know – there’s only so much that we will take! 

Pakistan might be smaller in size and lesser in manpower, but Pakistan has one thing that India, with all its technology and assets, can never achieve or find – which is the heart of a Pakistani. We, the people of Pakistan, do not take our country as a mere piece of land where we live. We consider it everything, we consider it sacred.

If the people of India think they will ask for war on a social media platform and caps-lock our soldiers to death, well, that’s probably the only piece of satisfaction they might get in the next 100 years.

Do you not remember India? When you planned to attack us 40 years ago? What happened then? When you planned to have dinner in Lahore? Let us remind you. The common Pakistani, joined the forces, and threw you out of our sacred motherland. The Mujahids wore explosives and laid under your tanks, while they blew up to smithereens.



The Hur Mujahids of Sindh, the Pagaras, fought you with the weakest infantry and did not let your na-paak feet touch Pakistani soil. Do you not remember our soldiers screaming slogans of takbeer before they destroyed whatever you had planned? It is not just about 65, it is about how we made us who we are today.

Do you not remember India? When we parted ways, you deprived us of everything. You killed our people while they traveled in trains towards Pakistan. You lied about dividing the military assets and providing us with the decided exchequer. You took water and electricity from the new-born country. You thought we wouldn’t be able to survive, but look, here we are, like a thorn in your throat, not letting you breathe sufficiently, just because we exist.



And here’s what is going to happen. We will keep existing, we will keep building, we will keep growing, we will keep getting stronger, while you evil-eye us, try to destroy us. We are ready. We are ready for you to strike the axes on your on feet. Lest you forget, Pakistan is a nuclear power, not an ordinary nation. If you think you can nuke us, then you best be sure that the nukes we possess are no less than yours.

If you, India, cannot simmer your ego, the loss will not just be ours, it will be yours too. If the common Indian still wants to wage war against Pakistan, then here’s what you need to know – we are here and we are waiting.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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