Here's Why Imran Khan And Reham Khan Parted Ways...

Here’s Why Imran Khan And Reham Khan Parted Ways…

The news of Imran Khan and Reham Khan getting divorced has shocked the Pakistani public; just a few months ago we were chanting,”welcome bhabhi welcome” and now we find out that this was just a short lived endeavor. Here are some of the prossible reasons that could have broken these two up…

1. Personalities

Both Imran And Reham have very strong personalities. This might have triggered differences and arguments.


2. Reham Khan’s Degree Controversy

The controversy about her lying about her degree and not actually possessing one.  This goes against everything Imran Khan stands for…


3. Imran Khan’s Stubborn Attitude

Reham could have felt that her husband’s constant stubborn attitude to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan was too much to handle.

ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan addressing the participants of Azadi march .INP PHOTO by Sunny Ghouri

4. Reham Khan’s Involvement In Politics

Reham khan wanted to get into politics and be a spokesperson for PTI But Imran khan did not want that. He Didn’t Want his wife in the lime-light.


5. Involvement of Their Ex Spouses

Both  of them have had a long swirling history with their spouses and it hasn’t been pretty. Where as Imran has recently been getting closer with his Ex Jemima, Reham’s ex has tried to slander and distance himself from her. He accused Reham for “using him like toilet paper“.


6. Kids – No One Likes a Step Parent (Let’s be real)

It really true no body likes having step parents.


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