Here’s Why People From This Generation Are So Lonely!


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Loneliness is an unwanted state of being alone; no one wants to be left alone and experience such a feeling.

Ever felt lonely in a crowd or even among your friends? Loneliness is emotionally painful and can lead to psychiatric disorders; like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and even hallucinatory delirium. But only recently has it been recognized how destructive it is to the body. In 2015, researchers at UCLA discovered that social isolation triggers cellular changes; that results in chronic inflammation, predisposing the lonely to serious physical conditions; like heart disease, stroke, metastatic cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

One 2015 analysis, which pooled data from 70 studies following 3.4 million people; over seven years, found that lonely individuals had a 26% higher risk of dying. This figure rose to 32% if they lived alone. Nowadays, depression is a hot topic – everyone seems to become an advocate of depression and other mental illnesses.

As a result, loneliness also contributes to depression by being the root cause of clinical depression in most of the cases. Now, the question that arises is ‘why do we feel so lonely?’

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Unfortunately, the excessive use of technology and social media has made things worse for us. The sense of being connected is there but there’s no companionship and understanding in relationships. We are just lacking true connection which once made us feel happy; everyone feels like they are being misunderstood; that no one even bothers to understand them. Here’s how you can overcome this feeling of being lonely!

Accept It! Okay?

Accepting the fact you live alone, you die alone is harder but a much better option. Be realistic – if you think you are alone, let it be. Take it as a fact and celebrate it because being alone is a blessing; better than being surrounded by the wrong people. Categorize the people around you and choose your priorities.

Don’t be Selfish

Sometimes we just don’t realise that we unintentionally ignore our family; and then we blame them for not understanding us. Life is all about give and take – what you give, comes back to you! Therefore, don’t let others feel lonely when you are around. It will create a sense of self-satisfaction in you that you aren’t worthless. Divert your attention to the feelings of others.

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Maintain Healthy Interaction

Social media is definitely not a healthy way to maintain friendships. The only problem is that now we are lacking pure friendshipsrelationships because we prefer to give more time to our devices. Instead, meet people in person, enjoy genuine talks, give yourself a break from social media; it can literally do wonders. Do not isolate yourself.

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Don’t Underestimate Yourself

If you feel you are lacking friends and good people, be one! Focus on your abilities and invest that time in yourself. Meet new people, live for yourself and embrace all these complex feelings creating all the chaos; in your mind. The gist of this whole article is whatever you experience just remember: you are unique in your own way and there is a whole universe inside you!

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