Why Being Skinny Makes Someone Cooler than You

Here’s Why Being Skinny Makes Me Cooler Than You

Truthfully, it doesn’t.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. Body shaming isn’t cool.

“Dude you’re so skinny, don’t your parents feed you?”

“If you weigh less than 45 kgs, then girl you’re not a girl, you’re a little goat!”

“Yeh larki kitni patli hai isko yakhni k teekay lagao!”

These words might sound really familiar and perhaps funny too to some people. But this is downright bullying and can deeply hurt the person being targeted. Everyone thinks body shaming is not cool; that it is offensive and must be stopped. If someone body shames another, it’s really low of him/her.

Yes, agreed, but what is the criteria of body shaming? Is this only limited to people who are overweight? Nope, not really.

Source: whisper.sh

Source: whisper.sh

Skinny shaming is as bad as fat shaming.

But what people don’t realize is that passing judgments and comments about skinny people knowingly or unknowingly might just hurt the person’s feelings really bad. Yes, body shaming is widely considered as unacceptable and wrong, but why is it only limited to those who are overweight? Fat jokes are offensive, hurt people who are legitimately nice.

Hey Ayesha if he loves you for your figure he is the worst guy in the world.” (Yes, but we will expect him to have a ripped body and abs and ask him to get a glucose drip if he is skinnier than the girl).


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Everyone is beautiful the way they are. Fat people are cool, skinny people are cool. What’s not cool is making fun of someone based on their appearance. You might not realize how the other person might take it, and it could cause serious depression. It’s not their fault they don’t gain weight even though they eat properly. That’s how God made them, and they should be happy they way they are. You should accept them for it.

Source: tumblr

Source: tumblr

How being skinny can be really cool

You can eat as much as you can without worrying about your weight, those aunties will go all “Hayee beta kitne patley ho!” anyway.

Source: urglamour.com

Source: urglamour.com

In case of an emergency you can run faster than anyone else (we recommend training track first) !

Guess who can ring the neighbor's bell and run without getting caught?

Guess who can ring the neighbor’s bell and run without getting caught?

So next time you are skinny shamed just know that you are perfect the way you are and Gandhi and Jinnah were skinny as hell and they managed to throw the British out of India.

Gandhi and Jinnah agree

Gandhi and Jinnah agree

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