Here’s What You Need To Know About Every Pakistani’s Favorite Twins

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Admit it: you’re fascinated by twins. We all are fascinated by twins! They have a certain charm around them that we can’t quite put our finger to. Maybe it’s the fact that they live lives that are slightly (or very) different from ours! Whatever it is, we all love twins.

Here are two pairs of twins that stole our hearts in 2017.

 1. The Nerd Twins

Tuba and Aqsa Sajjad, more commonly known as The Nerd Twins, took social media by storm with their beautiful photography on Instagram. We are sure you’ve all seen them on your news feeds, and if you haven’t… well, your loss!

The Nerd Twins post about books, travel, lifestyle and everything fun! From book recommendations to mesmerizing travel photography to funny twin stories, you can find it all on their page. These twins travel and read… is that the dream life or what?!

Fans of The Nerd Twins would be delighted to know that they’ve also decided to start a YouTube channel! Subscribe to their channel for fun videos and just to see more of them! And as if all this wasn’t enough, Tuba and Aqsa travel SOLO all around the world! They have separate travel blogs on Instagram and for even more travel photography!

2. Leo Twins

We all remember the Independence Day performance in PIA, don’t we? Well, those were the Leo Twins! They sang Yeh Watam Tumhara Hai and Dil Dil Pakistan with Momina Mustehsan during a PIA flight to celebrate Independence Day – and stole our hearts!

Haroon and Sharoon Leo play the guitar and violin for Nescafe Basement. Some of their top performances include a covers of Despacido. These twins are extremely talented and we love them! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.  To see more of their videos, subscribe to their YouTube.


We love these twin duos! We can’t wait to see more of The Nerd Twins and Leo Twins in 2018! And we’re all thinking the same things right now… How cool would it be if they collaborate?!

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