Here's what you didn't know about Amethyst - The Purple Gemstone

Here’s what you didn’t know about Amethyst – The Purple Gemstone

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Amethyst, the purple gemstone, is one of the rarest and popular forms of quartz. It has always been considered as an ornamental object being parallel beneficial for health in certain ways. This crystal has been used for the variety of health issues throughout the ages; ranging from alcohol addiction to sleeping disorders. Amethyst has a myriad of natural aids for the body by producing small yet detectable levels of the magnetic field and it is possible that its own magnetic field interacts with body’s magnetic field and exchanges energy.

Amethyst also generates far-infrared radiations, which have the variety of health benefits for our human body. So let’s have a brief look at the benefits of this crystal:

1. Cell Regeneration

Source: Good Witches Homestead

It has been published in International Journal of Bio Mereology 33 (1989) with credible scientific research that it has proven that these far-infrared radiations aids cell growth and regeneration, correspondingly increasing the energy levels inside the body.

2. Antioxidant Activity

Source: Good Witches Homestead

The buzz about antioxidants is quite common nowadays; food is not the only source, far-infrared radiations of amethyst crystals are also a source used in “Detox foot Pads”. According to an article published in Food Chemistry 94 (2006), negative ion emission of amethyst helps to draw toxins out of body and crystals may promote antioxidant activity within the body.

3. Sleep Support

Source: New Moon Beginnings

The low levels of heat emitted by amethyst crystals provide a sense of calm to the body and thus along with far-infrared radiations supports a healthy sleep cycle.

4. Mood Support

Source: New Moon Beginnings

Scientifically proven by comparative studies on humans that placing far-infrared radiations emitting discs (made up of amethyst) under pillows aids in an increase in overall life satisfaction.

5. Improving circulation and wound support

Source: HubPages

Scientists believe that far-infrared radiations aid microcirculation among capillaries thus improving the flexibility of blood vessels. It may aid and promote wound-healing by providing the cells with nutrients and chemicals need for repair mechanism. It also promotes repair mechanism in the skin especially “diabetes-induced” skin damage.

6. Antibacterial

Source: Wool Bedding

The scientist has found that far-infrared radiations of amethyst aid in the inhibition of bacterial growth by hindering the action of certain growth-promoting enzymes in our body, as mentioned in Atmospheric Environment 38 (2004). Regular heat therapies don’t offer the same effect.

Its far-infrared radiations provide various health benefits along with negative ions found in amethyst also have Anti-allergy effects and Detoxifying effects along with providing respiratory support by removing particles from lungs. Amethyst is not just an ornamental gem, it also has health benefits.

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