Here's What The World Is Doing In The Covid-19 Lockdown!

Here’s What The World Is Doing In The Covid-19 Lockdown!


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This article was originally submitted by Maryam Ahmad 

With the global death toll over 21,000 already, since the outbreak of Coronavirus aka COVID-19 somewhere in December, this is a distressing time for everyone. Yet, while staying home in self-isolation, we cannot let the monster of a pandemic engulf us. Support each other, bond with your family and keep your hopes up; believe that we will live through it and emerge healthy from the other side.

Meanwhile, we need to live through this lockdown.

No school, no parties, no walks, even a trip to the grocery store needs to be calculated… long story short: it’s as boring as it gets! So I thought I would have a look around (online, of course) and find out how others were passing the days to give you some ideas on how you could find some element of fun in this depressing time.

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As for me, I’m doing what I enjoy most: write. Over the years, writing has developed in me like an addiction, so I’m using this time to sit with a cup of tea and put my thoughts down into typed words.

Here are some of the interesting activities others are doing in this lockdown:

A shoutout to all the Zumba experts

If you’re a Zumba expert, here’s how you keep yourself and your neighbourhood active. Take some inspiration from this former Zumba instructor who’s keeping the neighbourhood on their feet with an energetic exercise class.

Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” never gets old

In a beautiful neighbourhood in Barcelona, Spain, this is a joint performance of Celine Dion’s famous song, with a huge audience enjoying from their balconies. If you love music, head out to your balcony with your guitar and let others join in, but from a distance.

Work from home

Most businesses are still running, with the employees working from home. While it may not go at its best, as it does from the workplace, you may find some humour in it, too. Check out some hilarious work-from-home experiences:

No wonder Jimmy Fallon can pull off working from home and turn it into a masterpiece:

Study from home

You’ve seen how working from home can turn into an epic fail or an impeccable comedy, however, you may put it. Studying from home is not far behind. Here is how a peaceful online study session can take an unexpected turnaround.

What are celebrities doing

Take a page out of their book, and do what you love most; sing, dance, cook, feed your pets, just make sure you stay indoors and keep yourself and everyone else safe… like Mathew McConaughey says, ‘Turn the red light into a green light, just keep living!’

So, how are you coping with the lockdown? Pitch in your ideas in the comments below and help us live through these monotonous days.

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