Here’s What Most Pakistanis Think Of Afridi’s Comments In India

Pakistan cricket, already in a turmoil, faces another challenging situation during the World Cup T-20! The captain of the T20 side, representing Pakistan in the World Cup, Shahid Afridi has sparked outrage among Pakistanis after his comments about “how much India loves him.” However, contrary to popular belief, there’s a huge portion of Pakistanis that think Afridi said nothing wrong and should not face the kind of hate that is being flung at him .

Here’s what some Pakistanis think about Shahid Afridi and the India row…

1. A lot of Pakistanis on Twitter think Afridi should not apologize for what he said – he just said what he felt, like most straightforward people do

2. Some thought that the reaction showed on Afridi’s comments is absolutely appalling by the general Pakistani public – people need to show maturity

3. Others think that Afridi is going to shut his haters up in the T20 WC and actually finally retire, that too on a high!


4. One in particular thought that people who have not achieved anything in their life are in no position to question Afridi’s cricket or his dignity

5. Well, this one in particular pretty much summed up the whole row of Afridi’s comments and the reactions

6. Oh my God! Sports anchor Sawera Pasha literally just murdered every Afridi hater out there. And yes, this is extremely true!

7. Much like what the Indians said – imagine if Afridi had actually said this in the press conference, we’d probably enter his name in the Exit Control List, that too, the other way round and not let him enter Pakistan

8. Yes, Pakistanis need someone to take their frustrations out on but calling Afridi a ghadar is going a little bit too far. I mean the guy has spent his entire life training hard and working for Pakistan, he is the face of cricket in Pakistan and he is also an active social worker.

9. Well, from the looks of the warm-up game… we’d have to say, sorry, maybe next time 🙂


10. Columnist Mehr Tara put it best, according to us. Afridi needs to control his emotions and Pakistanis need to control on their motions, not shit on every social media forum about how much they hate Afridi

So.. which side are you exactly on? Do you hate Afridi from the bottom of your heart or do you think he has the right to practice freedom of speech OR OR OR his words were actually twisted by the mainstream media?

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