Here’s What It Actually Means To Be A Social Introvert If You’re Curious!

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Okay, so you probably came here thinking.

Number one: Isn’t this just an oxymoron? Do such people really exist?


If you belong to the first category, read ahead to understand the most misunderstood group of all times. And if you belong to the second category.. well then Im sure you would love relating to this.

So before we divulge into discussions, let’s clarify some terminologies. First of all, the polarities ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts‘ are not related in any way to ‘social’ and ‘antisocial’. Rather, introvert-ism, in layman terms, only means that you draw energy from your own self, whereas extrovert-ism merely suggests your energy is drawn from social situations. Thus bringing us to the discussion that you can still be an introvert while simultaneously craving social gatherings, and that is not at all unnatural!

So throwback to all those times you just CRAVED to be around people, but at the same time, didn’t have alot to talk about with them. Or perhaps you just craved the splendor and glamour (read: Ronak) that a social gathering presented, while you sat in a corner writing a blog or chatting with your friend on the other side of the world, feeling drained from meeting all those people at the party! This blog wasn’t written sitting at a party. (Or maybe it was? It definitely was!)

Being a social introvert means you LOVE meeting other introverts and discussing with them how draining parties can be! And you LOVE making new extroverted friends who understand your dilemma and will be your “someone to talk to” in obnoxious social gatherings. However, it also means that you sometimes just become a ‘tagalong’ with your extroverted friend, because it’s so much easier to ride on someone’s tails than to find that social energy within you.

It means that you can sometimes feel very ‘socially’ tired, which is completely different from how physically tired you are. After all, finding that energy within you to do something as hated as small talk (UHH, *cringe*) can be SO VERY TIRING!

Looking back now, I wouldn’t want to trade in my social introvert nature for anything in the world. However obnoxious it makes our lot, I still love it. So what if we can’t make small talk even with a gun to our face? Each of us, at some point in our lives, has wished to walk out of an obnoxious gathering without giving any reason!

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