Here’s What Every Pakistani Teenager Needs To Hear!


This article was originally submitted by Fateh Ali

Most of us have no idea what we’re doing once we enter adulthood. Here are 5 things that every teenager needs to hear so that he/she has a better grasp on his life by the time he’s facing the world.

Medical Nai Karna!

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Unless you really love saving people’s lives; if you’re actually passionate about it. Don’t do it just because your parents want you to do it. That’ll only turn you into a bad doctor and bring lifelong resentment along with it. Instead, do what you actually enjoy, do something that brings value into your life.

Once, someone told me these words, ‘If you know in your heart what’s best for you, do it. Fight the whole world if you have to, but if you fall, then you can blame no one but yourself,’ and they have resonated with me since.

Make Amazing Memories

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Doing well in school is okay but if you’re a theta then you need to stop and hear this. These schoolyears are the best time of your life, you won’t get them back and you’ll regret it when you’re older.

Keep a certain amount of free time to go and play with friends, hang out after school, koi nashta scene banao, go on school trips, and just enjoy this time while you have it. Cherish every moment with your friends and family.

Grow like a Tree

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Personal Development and Grooming are essentially absent from the Pakistani upbringing. You need to work on this yourself. Chance the way you consume content. Stop watching random stupid stuff like pranks or comedy. Read books, lots of them.

Listen to podcasts, watch TED Talks. Build habits to maximize your productivity and work consciously to remove bad habits. Enter the constant growth state where you must learn each and every day. Grow before it’s too late.

Find Yourself

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This is one more thing you’ll never be taught at home or school. Go out and find your own voice, find out who you really are. Travel, if you can. Make new friends diversify your surroundings. Talk with old people and take advice from them but don’t be what they want you to be.

Use all the knowledge and then see where you fit. The best way to find out who you are is to be alone with your thoughts and then tackle those thoughts.

You’re Not Cool

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Stop smoking if you’re already doing it. Stop chasing for people’s love or chasing relationships. Stop doing all these weird things that will mess up your life in ways you can’t imagine. Stop succumbing to peer pressure. Stop talking back to your parents; you don’t know shit yet. And just stop trying to be cool, stop looking for attention.

Focus on what’s truly important. Work hard and when you’ve achieved your place in the world, then go out and party because that’s when you’ve earned it.

If you follow these things, you’ll come out as a more refined, disciplined adult and that will truly set up your life for success. The time is now, don’t forget it.

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