Here’s The Importance Of Making Your Child Start Reading At An Early Age

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Our children today are being isolated from the significance of READING. The times when we used to be rewarded for extra book reading have vanished. In metros life is so frenetic that the parents do not have time to talk to their children; leave alone the instigation process for the passion of READING.

Fostering and developing young minds is critical for preparing them to enter school and succeed. Ensuring early reading habits can reinforce a child “emerging literacy skills” which includes identifying letters, identifying the correct sound of letters and recalling a story themes. Even at the age when they cannot read, let your child touch and feel the books. Make it a ritual for bedtime stories. For kindergarten children and their bedtime stories use good pictorial books. Excite them by showing your own excitement about the story time.

Source: A Celebration of Women

Good reading habits among children assure the better performance of a child in schools and in their career. Quality reading material improves the vocabulary of a child along with general knowledge and current affairs. If the age-specific quality reading material is selected for children, a convincing improvement in confidence can definitely be noticed.


It is usually observed that most parents are unable to select good quality reading material. This can be due to the lack of affection for reading by the parents themselves. Some parents are not educated enough and hence unable to direct their children towards the quality reading material. As parents, we must spend time with our children and talk about their everyday activities. Also, engaging children in everyday communication can highlight the area of their interest; hence selecting the reading material of their interest becomes easier for parents. This will also enhance their confidence and ability to express their views well.

Parents should allow their children to choose and buy books at regular intervals, for example, once a month. The book buying should be offered as a reward for an achievement in school or sports, or it should be a gift for a particular occasion. I hope that all the parents should spend more time talking to their children at a receptive age, and a culture for quality reading can be inculcated in all schools across Pakistan.

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