Here's How You Can Feel Content With Your Life Right Now

Here’s How You Can Feel Content With Your Life Right Now

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This is about the souls of ourselves that we never tried to meet. Meeting yourself does not mean that you have a cup of tea with you. Have we ever tried to tie a knot with our self? Yes, I’m sure you have never met yourself. We all are so busy in our daily routines, in the hustle bustle of life that we never have peace in our mind and never feel little things around ourselves happening every moment of our life.

We wake up in the morning thinking, “oh shit! I’m getting late”, “why is this happening to me every morning”. You jump to your work without breakfast, leaving home in a mess as you’re late. And now say Hi to traffic where you will be stuck for the next 15 minutes. You are angry, your mouth is full of abusive terms. Finally, you reach your destination. Your boss or supervisor shouts at you because you are late as always. After listening to your faults, your mood is switched off; you are pissed. Suddenly, your phones ‘BEEPS’, there is a call from your soulmate saying that she wants to break up with you. In short, everything is going wrong.

Your mind will pressure your heart and you shut the phone off. After leaving your workplace, a boy wants your help but you speedily cross the boy. Your parents are calling you but you shut the phone again. After reaching home, you jump to your bed with the cell phone in your hand and doze off while scrolling through Facebook.

We all have done this at least once. We make our life tiring and boring. ME, you and many people in the world did all these things. We make our routine hectic, we are used to our depressions.

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Life is simple.

It’s a gift from Allah. Make your life like a flower. Flower makes a nectar and bees zeal it. Flower blossoms and rises every morning not because it has to. It feels its duty with the peace it knows that it will get another chance to relish its life and also bee’s one. We should feel ourselves like it. Wake up in the morning, instead of being irritated with sunlight you should say what a beautiful sun basking in the glory. Having a glass-half-full mentality should be our focus.


You should say ALHAMDULILLAH that you get another morning to live a life. During traffic, we should stay calm because everyone is getting late like you, feel your surrounding at that time. Look those beggars around you, only begging for one meal in a day. Say Alhumdulillah that you are in a car blessed with Lord’s blessings.

If your boss shouts at you, stay calm and apologize. Take it positively thinking that he is giving you the importance and was worried about you. I know its fantasy but it makes your soul happy. If your soulmate is calling you at your work time, its okay to excuse to them. They will surely understand that. Take a deep breath. If your parents are calling you, pick up the call. Their love and prayer enlighten your day. If someone wants your help and you are tired, you should help them as may your body get tired but your soul will definitely find a peace in it.

After reaching home, instead of using the mobile phone, have your meal and walk to the terrace. Look at the glittering sky with a bright moon. It will help you to get inner peace and strengthen your belief in “the which of Lord’s blessing will you deny”.

Enjoy the rain. Plug in your earphones and dance. Always think that you are better than many.

These and many acts like it make your life happy. Work is part of life but it’s not necessary to load your soul with depressions, stress, and anxiety. It’s up to you whether you make your life a living hell or heaven. You have to do all your work as a duty but it is not necessary to do it with depression. We all should love our work and try to be calm.
Stay Happy and keep other happy. It’s a key to success.

So when are all of you going to fix a date with your soul?

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