Here’s How We Can Stop Turning Little Clashes Into Huge Conflicts

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Conflict is a serious disagreement or an argument between two people. The question arises here that why we have disagreements or arguments? Why don’t people understand other’s opinion or why other people say that you are wrong and I am right? Why are we bounded by our egos and never understand what the third person is trying to say and never respects other’s opinions and perspectives?

When we will realize that, “when you want to change the situation first we had to change our self’s and to change our self’s effectively, we had to change our perceptions.” – (Stephen R.Covey)

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I strictly disagree with the concept of conflict building, we don’t consciously build conflicts but we do it unconsciously. How? The very first thing I want to mark here is that we don’t listen to understand but we listen to answer. We usually feel hassle when someone’s opinion is unfamiliar with ours.

We have to psyched that in this world everyone has their own opinion and that’s why we have to see things and understand their opinion from their perspective.


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Firstly, whenever you get involved in the conflict you have to be calm and patient about what their perspective is. I believe that almost every time conflict rises because of misunderstandings. For example, if you had an accident, and someone hit your car mistakenly then this is the situation of conflict what would you do in this situation?

Most probably yell at each other and abuse each other and maybe flight, but if you really want change and you really want to resolve conflicts you should be calm and patient and apologize to each other and if the conflict root is you then accept your mistake and apologize. There are a lot of conflict situations in our communities, friends, and family but if we remember the key terms that are,

1) To be calm, 2) To be patient, 3) Try to change your perspective, 4) Try to control your anger, 5) Accept your mistake

Also, try to understand the fact that we are humans and we do mistakes yelling abusing and conflicts will shatter your character

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