Here’s How To Put Negative People Out of Your Life

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Here’s the 101 on how to put negative people out of your life and prioritize your Mental Health.

1. Acceptance:

Source: Acceptance

Accept that no matter what, the experience would have happened. You may or may not receive an answer why the negative incident took place… so just focus on moving forward rather than wasting energy on thinking about how it ‘could have’ been prevented from happening.

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2. Respect Yourself:

Source: Visual Meditation

Once the reality is exposed, respect yourself to make a decision of putting them out of your life for good and not giving them another chance to damage you mentally and emotionally. Do not make excuses for their misbehavior and mistreatment.

3. Close Doors:

Source: Accidental Health & Safety

You’ll always know in your gut when it’s time to officially cut ties; after giving chances time and time again, make your decision and don’t wait for their behavioral pattern to miraculously change. By closing all possible doors of communication there’s no expectation, followed by anxiety, with regards to further contact. The nagging thought won’t be pestering your mind that, “Maybe they’ll come back now!” with the next call or text that comes your way. Make room for better people to come along by removing the wrong ones from your life.

4. Forgive, But Do Not Forget:

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Always remember how they made you feel when they want to be a part of your life once again after you’ve decided to move on. You had already given them chances to fix problems in the past but they never availed it; be kind to your heart and give it a break by protecting it from the same damage being done to it by the same person over and over again.

5. Free Yourself:

Source: Tiny Buddha

Forgive them for the hurt they caused you, do not keep grudges; only because, that way you do not have to revisit the negative feelings they made you feel over and over again by continuously thinking about them. Don’t be a slave to their thoughts.

6. Happiness Re-loaded:

Source: YouTube

Undoubtedly, there’s a sense of emptiness when you cut someone out of your life, even if it is for your own good. That emptiness shouldn’t be a reason for you to let that person back into your life though. Fill the void up with things that make you joyful and grow as an individual rather than dwelling on the negative vibes that’ll fill up the void. Focus and prioritize your mental peace and happiness, above all!

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