Here’s How To Get THAT Ultimate ‘Refreshmint’ This Summer!

Summer is coming! No, wait. It’s here already! Well, guess what…

We’re here to brighten up your summers even more and get you going! Stop being a couch potato, call a few friends and hit the road! Yesss! There’s so much that you can do besides being a couch potato, and yes, I used that word, again. Hehe.

If you’re adventurous, if you LOVEEEE having a blast with your loved ones, then THIS, my friend, is for you! Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Cool off by taking a dip in the lake or beach for ultimate excitemint!

2. Road trips are ALWAYS fun and crazy! Take a road trip with your friends for enjoymint

3. An old-fashioned picnic in this era?? So what?! Arrange a picnic for entertainmint!

4. Explore and go hiking in a forest to discover your elemint!

5. You can NEVER say no to vacations! So…. go on a relaxing vacation for amusemint!

6. Be a tourist in your own town for amazemint!

You said you can’t? Huh huh? Craving a vacation already, right? We thought so!


7. You can simply hang out with your friends with a chilled 7up mint for refreshmint


Leave the couch and follow the drill! *winks*

So try the new 7up Mint to quench your thirst and have a fulfilled summer.


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