Shaniera Akram Gave A Cracking Response To All Those Who Don’t Care About Cleanliness Of Karachi Beach!

Anyone who lives in Karachi or has been to the metropolis, understands the problems its beach is suffering from. It is a combination of the administrative laziness and the insensitivity of the general populace. Qoum ki bhabi; Shaneira Akram took this issue to Twitter and set everyone straight who proposed otherwise.

This is how It all started: with polite wishing of Jumma Mubarak before she went full throttle, no filter mode on her genuine and heartfelt sentiments about the Karachi beach.

This obviously triggered a lot of Pakistani emotions

Most of us were adamant that the fault lies with the government and its poor planning, completely ignoring the role that the public plays in such situations.

But Shaniera bhabi wasn’t going to dump the entire responsibility on the governing bodies!

And did not hold back on saying the things that needed to be heard

She did not let anyone blame the government solely about it!

Bhabi was also expressive enough about her sadness and disappointment

When One user tried to make excuses, she was quick to respond!

She then tried to explain them why it was wrong to litter our beach

And here, she stole all of our little hearts

When a user tried to explain her how Pakistanis won’t understand she responded with a clear cut hope

Pakistan is our home

She has single handed reminded all of us about our responsibilities to our country! We must not forget that Pakistan is not just our country, it is our home. And we must treat it just as nicely as we treat our home!

Thank you Shaniera bhabi for being awesome once again!

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