Who Is Dr. Alexa? – Pakistanis Took This Post Too Seriously and It Is Very Embarrassing!

We live in a world where we tend to believe everything that goes up on the internet. Not to mention but that includes our parents too. Remember that one time when your mom told you not to use lipsticks because it has pig fat?! And she wanted you to do that because she read it on the internet and all you got to hear was, “internet kabhi jhoot nae bolta!”

So, ever since we blindly started trusting the internet, we often forget that people can be manipulative and joke about certain things. Sometimes when the matter is serious you need to do your research or ask the credibility of the information provided. Recently, a Facebook page posted a picture where they shared “Angreez’s photo” saying that the newly appointed lecturer named Dr. Alex is at Peshawar University. After the post, people all over Pakistan went crazy! As far as that they wanted to get into the university as soon as possible! Wah!

Here’s the Facebook post that made Pakistani men sharam se pani pani 


People’s reactions to this post are literally paisa wasool!

He’ll study more than 20 hours to impress her! AHH-MAAZIN’

Umm.. OKAY!

Pretty much the best place from now 😀

Lo j!ee He added further to the story *face palm*

Never after this! 😉

Finally!! He confirmed everyone the exact department – Are you serious?!! HAHHAHA

But when the page shared the reality 2 days after they had posted this, people were caught by shock and made fun of all those who wanted to join Peshawar University after Dr. Alex’s arrival. In reality, Alex is not her name and she’s never been to Pakistan before 😀

This is what the page has to say after the main post:

L O L! Her real name is Katherine Langford who is a Hollywood actress. Trolled much. Right? Well, maybe the page got a little too excited for April Fool’s Day and decided to troll their audience in advance! Well, that really was funny. Have you ever been victim to the internet troll? share in the comments below to let us now.

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