Here’s How Pakistani Dramas Evolved Over Time

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Dramas contain all the fictional characters that provide us quite of an entertainment stuff and a sort of lesson which can either resolve all our heart-rending worries or make it even worse. It just depends on us that how a civilian interprets the code words of every dialogue in a drama.

Long ago when the television was discovered in 1927, people thought it would be nicer to have one instead of a radio so that they can hear and watch (i.e. news, national games, events, local businesses etc). But then after 1941, the first drama was aired on TV and folks found it fascinating as it contained all the ideal materials a man wanted in his life. A serial drama has two sides just like a coin; if we toss towards the heads part, it will show us all its positive side it contains but siding towards the tails would extract all the negative thoughts and the issues a person can ever have.

Source: Paki Mag

Talking about the revolution that started out from the time of PTV until now – 2018, dramas then were not either good or bad on a person’s instinct. They are symmetrical if we make them not to dominate each other. One of the best drama on PTV was Khuda ki Basti aired in 1969, it centered on the realistic facts of society, a common person faces.

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Right after such sympathetic productions, the writers started to come up with the ideas of making amusing stories Ainak Wala Jin. Man, who had a bad vision and lived upon the mountains – just to fix his eyesight he came to earth. As we can see this storyline doesn’t belong to anything real nor it gives us a lesson but perhaps it does have something that can make individuals smile.

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Time passed authors, producers, story writers placed different names for different channels, i.e. Hum, Urdu 1, Ary, Geo Kahani, Duniya entertainment and many more. Coming towards shady dramas Nazr e bad, a storyline about black magic that causes pain to people and makes their life get seized in someone else hands. This drama narrates all the immoral material as there should be a ban on such ideas which poses irrational effect on human’s perception. Coming to think of another serial Bulbuly which targets no harm as well as a benefit to a person’s psychology. A story outline that is entertaining and humorous.

Concluding the whole discussion, making yourself habitual to a drama serial who intends to have a damage should be rather ignored. The world is evolving so does a human, we are not the same as we were during 1947. If such dramas make us enthusiastic then why not to watch it but as we focus more, it does not have a noble effect so better not to add them to our to-do list.

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